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  • Colloids
  • Computers and Software
  • Expert Witness
  • Green Chemistry
  • Literature and Patent Searches
  • Mass Transfer
  • Materials
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Patents
  • Polymers
  • Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Soaps and Surfactants
Other Fields of Expertise
Polymer Chemistry (Physical Chemistry, Emulsion & Condensation )

FIbers and Films

Diffusion and Solubility.)

Surface Science Phenomena (Wetting, Adsorption, Adhesion, Coefficient of Friction, Emulsification, Formulation.)

Surface Oxidation and Modification.

Melt rheology of polymers (die design and threadline extensional rheology; oriented films)

Track record in Product Development and Program Management

Expertise in Patent Prosecution and Defense

Computer literate (Basic, Fortran and C++ programming, Linux, symbolic math [Macsyma, Derive, MathCAD], Scientist® [modeling], non-linear regression, and business software packages.)

Languages: some Japanese.
• R&D: Over 40 years of industrial Research and Development and Project Management experience. Additionally a Past Chair of the Chemical Consultants Network (, a registered consultant with CECON , , and is an ,Idea and multiple awardee.

• Polymer Science: Considerable experience in a wide range of areas related to polymer science. Examples include condensation polymerization and the synthesis of condensation polymers, emulsion polymers, metathesis polymerization, reaction injection molding, transport processes such as diffusion in polymers, dyeing of polymers, ion exchange processes in polymers and adsorption onto polymers, water soluble polymers, surface modification of polymers, the melt rheology and die swell of polymers and polymer properties in general.
• Surface Science: Particularly knowledgeable in the areas of surface modification and surface oxidation, surfactants, wetting phenomena, adsorption, adhesion, emulsions and emulsification, latices and latex chemistry as well as corona discharge and flame treatment effects on polymer surfaces.

• Fibers and Films: Considerable experience in the chemistry of fibers and films including fiber manufacture, fiber spinning including die design and threadline extensional rheology, mathematical modeling of the spinning process as well as in oriented films, polyolefin films, polypropylene films, coated films and the modification of film properties such as wetting, slip (coefficient of friction) and barrier properties including oxygen barrier, moisture barrier and aroma barrier.

• IP &Expert Witness: Skilled in literature and patent searches. Can provide targeted information in areas such as prior art, process and product research, market research and the like as well as acting as an expert witness. Especially skilled as technical resource in preparing for discovery and depositions and has participated in patent oppositions and defense both in the US and Europe. Recent experience as an Expert Witness in two cases.

OPEN INNOVATION: Listed as a “Top Solver” with Awards in diverse areas such as: Ultra-fast Moisture Absorbing/Desorbing Materials , Engineered Surfaces, Materials and Coatings for Aircraft Drag Reduction , , Surface Modified Microcapsules for Better Adhesion ,
Modeling Fragrance Molecule Migration Through Polymer Barriers , Incomplete Release of Active Ingredient , Low Surface Energy Particles for Reduction of Friction and Intravenous Sustained Release Drug Delivery Technology . And, with Idea Ingredient Retention in Whole Meat Systems, Approaches or Technologies to Reduce the Lung Irritancy of an Aerosol containing Solid Particles, Bulk Storage and Transfer Apparatus for Viscous Fluids like Grease, Measuring Chemical Concentration by LC-MS Without Characterized Reference Standards.

Additional Information

Pulp & Paper (1997 - 2001)
Selected Accomplishments:
- Developed new paper chemical products with an emphasis on sizing applications based on alkyl ketene dimer and alkenyl succinic anhydride chemistries in water borne delivery systems using novel emulsification techniques.
- Developed predictive techniques to determine if new sizing chemistries would affect high-speed paper convertibility.
- Managed reformulations group

Polypropylene Fibers (1994 - 1997)
Selected Accomplishments:
- Directed R&D for thermally bondable polypropylene fiber product and process development.
- Modelled threadline oxidation processes.

RIM (1987 - 1993)
Directed R&D for Liquid Molding Products including the development of more efficient metathesis polymerization catalysts and formulations to enhance processing ease and molded part physical properties. Responsible for technical liaison with European and Japanese Joint Venture partners. Intellectual Property Management (patent prosecutions and worldwide oppositions)

Oriented Polypropylene Film (1977 - 1987)
Selected Accomplishments:
- Directed R&D for new film product and process development. This included coated, barrier and slip modified films for packaging, capacitor films as well as process modeling resulting in the ability to run film lines with 10% cheaper polymer formulations.
- Developed polyvinylidene chloride, Surlyn® and olefin copolymer coated films.
- In-house commercialization of new polyvinylidene chloride emulsion copolymer.
- Developed surface characterization techniques leading to process and product changes that eliminated coating adhesion problems.

Polypropylene Fiber (1967 - 1977)
Selected Accomplishments:
- Developed polymeric dyesite for dyeing polypropylene fibers with acid dyes.
- Developed flame retarded carpets through both fiber modification and carpet construction variables. Synthesized (new) intumescent flame-retardants.
- Developed expertise in the dynamics of the fiber spinning process and converging flow of polymer melts leading to the design of new spinnerettes for significantly improved fiber uniformity.
Ph.D. Polymer and Fiber Science UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), England.

B.Sc.Tech. (Hons), Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry UMIST
US 20190285482 Descending and ascending temperature indicators utilizing deep eutectics Sept 19, 2019
US 20170205295A1 Gel-based Temperature Indicators July 20, 2017
US 9,534,964 Three-phase emulsions used in a temperature condition indicator January 3, 2017
WO0208514 Method of making sizing emulsion . Publication date: 2002-02-05
US 6,458,726 Polypropylene fibers and items made therefrom October 1, 2002
US 5,985,193 Process of making polypropylene fibers November 16, 1999
US 5,268,232 Dicyclopentadiene polymers with heat-resistant dimensional integrity and high T.sub.g December 7, 1993
US 5,079,318 Substituted acetylenes as rate moderators for ring-opening metathesis polymerization January 7, 1992

Note: During the period 1967 - 1987 Hercules policy was to keep many inventions as Trade Secrets.
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