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David Henry Vahlsing

Becht Engineering Co


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David Henry
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Becht Engineering Co

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United States
(610) 642-5721
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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy
  • Expert Witness
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer
  • Petroleum
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Technology Transfer
David H. Vahlsing, PE, founder and president of Hydrocarbon Engineering Associates, Inc, which is now a division of Becht Engineering Company of Liberty Corner, NJ. Dave is currently Director of the Becht Philadelphia office.

David H. Vahlsing has extensive petroleum industry and consulting experience, with emphasis on process design, technology evaluation, project scoping and oversight of project teams.

Dave developed and applied his professional expertise at Sunoco's Toledo refinery, the Central Engineering Department, the Toronto headquarters of Suncor and in R&D, and since with HEA and Becht Engineering. He was the Central Engineering expert in HF Alkylation, Isomerization, treating of crude and refinery projects where he also supervised the Process Design and computer support groups. He has evaluated many licensed technologies for use in Sunoco's refinery and chemicals businesses. He managed the Synfuels and the Technology sections of Sunoco's R&D that included support to Sun's coal company, tar sand operation in Alberta, Canada and research projects funded by the federal government and by the corporation. He has served as an expert witness for international arbitration cases.

Additional Information

Examples of projects include:

- Negotiation of licensed technology terms for performance and fees.
- Expert witness for an oil recovery company during arbitration for breach of contract.
- Evaluation of a Green Technology fit for a client with a unique feedstock.
- Assisted client in search for feedstock to supplement dwindling supply.
- Project to improve crude oil ship unloading rates to reduce demurrage fees.
- Analysis of overall refinery energy use related to refining complexity.
- Evaluation of ethanol economics and performance as a motor fuel additive.
- On the Sunoco R&D team that invented superacid catalysts now used commercially in butane isomerization.
- Cost estimates for refinery process units to determine tax basis.
- Evaluation of contractor bid proposals made to a major client.
- Field staffing for startup of new process units in overseas locations.
- Determination of extent of dispersal of an oil spill.
- Redesign of a batch still for very heavy oil fractionation.
Mr. Vahlsing holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has MS degree credits from the University of Pennsylvania and completed the Industrial Research Institute program for R&D managers. He has been named on patents for superacid technology. Dave is a member of AIChE and of the American Chemical Society and is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He is a past chair of the Chemical Consultants Network and served as a director for the MIT club of Delaware Valley.
Served as past presidents of the Chemical Consultants Network, of the Cynwyd Club, of the Philadelphia Squash Racquets Association and of the Philadelphia Interclub Bridge League.
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