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Fred Hartman

Hartman Consulting


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Hartman Consulting

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(302) 479-5068

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  • Computers and Software
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing ERP
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
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Manufacturing ERP software implementation consulting, utilizing broad experience, flexibility and problem-solving skills to help clients grow business and improve business performance. Primary focus on Manufacturing Enterprises.

Consulting services include ERP Software Solution "Fit" assessment, Pilot/Demo build, Training/Implementation/Re-implementation and Support.

Consulting experience in several manufacturing enterprise software products: Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing (formerly Great Plains Manufacturing), Sage MAS 500 manufacturing, TCM (Time Critical Manufacturing) from WorkWise, and IFS Applications from Industrial & Financial Systems. Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Professional in Manufacturing Applications - Great Plains. Certified in Sage MAS 500 Manufacturing. Currently working to develop Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 competencies.

BS Chemical Engineer, Wharton MBA; 4 years at Eastman Kodak, 16 years at DuPont, 20+ years as Manufacturing ERP Consultant

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Fred Hartman Resume (
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Over 35 years of broad industry experience with effective results in:

- Computer Systems Implementation
- Product Development/Venture Launch
- Product Marketing
- Sales
- Manufacturing Engineering
- Supply Chain Management
- Marketing Research
- Business Planning
- Financial Analysis
- Re-Engineering & Change

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Treasurer, Chemical Consultants Network
Treasurer, Delaware Greenways, Inc.
US Patent 04824511: Multilayer circuit board with fluoropolymer interlayers
Inventors: Frederick N. Hartman · Alan C. Knight
Assignees: E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
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