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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Petroleum
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Separations and Purification
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Refinery Operations
Process Conrtrol
Arve B. Holt is a senior chemical engineer with an extensive background in refinery operations. His expertise includes refinery/petrochemical operations, process safety management, energy conservation, process instrumentation and control systems, and process reliability.
Refinery Operations Management Responsible for daily operations of a lube oil and fuels Midwestern USA refinery for five years.
- Produced operating reliability improvements through engineering changes/capital projects and good operator attention. Facilities involved included FCCU, C4 Isomerization unit, Catalytic Reformers, HF Alkylation, Delayed Coking, Saturate and Unsaturate Gas recovery, Lube Oil Dewaxing, and Transfer and Shipping.
- Improved operating/maintenance department by establishing Operations Specialist as determiner of maintenance work and priorities.
- Improved lube unit waste water treating with piping modifications and operating procedure changes. Oklahoma State waste water discharge violations were reduced from 30+ citations per year to 0 citations in 5+years.
- Improved worker safety attitude and awareness resulting in a decrease in OSHA incident rate from 8.6 to 2.2.

Process Safety Management Responsible for coordinating and implementing OSHA 1910.119 PSM regulations for all Sunoco, Inc. refineries.
- Brought all processing units into OSHA mandated compliance on schedule
- Introduced Computer Based Training and coordinated individual refinery implementation efforts, especially with regard to PSM
- Created and implemented Process Safety Training Program for the personnel of a major engineering contractor

Project, Operations and Instrument Engineer - Examples
- Design, procurement, and commissioning of Honeywell TDC-3000 Digital Control systems for a variety of refinery process units. Familiar with Honeywell HPM.
- Operations engineer for the saturate/unsat gas plants at a large US refinery for 3 years
- Expert third party inspection and certification of various refinery operations as mandated by state and federal agencies.
More Services
Mentoring Process Engineers - Serving as a guide to younger/inexperienced engineers on how to do this type of work.

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Mr. Holt holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He has completed courses in linear programming, statistics, communications, management/supervision, quality systems and process safety management. He is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and California.
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