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Dr. Bigwood is a Ph. D. chemist with 8 years of industrial research, 5 years of R&D management and 15 years of consulting experience related to polymer technology. As a research manager, Dr. Bigwood led the product, process and applications development effort of the world's largest ion exchange resins manufacturer. In that management function, he was also involved in the business planning process. Dr. Bigwood also worked with a broad range of polymer technologies to develop strategic technology plans for a $3B dollar R&D organization. This combination of business experience and scientific skills allows him to propose solutions to problems that are not only technically sound but also economically viable and consistent with clients' capabilities and business objectives.

Dr Bigwood has provided expert witness services in two cases, one involving polymer synthesis and one involving the performance of a polymeric material. These activities included the preparation of seven expert reports or declarations, two depositions and one testimony. Polymer Phases has completed one laboratory project in support of a legal case. A set of patent examples were reproduced, the results compared with those claimed in the patent and an opinion developed based on our findings. The project was captured in a final report.

Overview of Polymer Phases, Inc.:

Our expertise revolves around free radical and condensation polymerization and the use of the resulting products in a wide variety of applications in the separation, petrochemical and biopharmaceutical industries

We provide design, synthesis and scale-up of products based on emulsion, dispersion or suspension free radical polymerization based on a broad range of monomers such as styrene, acrylic and methacrylic esters and other functional vinyl monomers. Our expertise also includes chemical modification and functionalization of pre-formed polymers.

Our understanding of the impact of the chemical and physical characteristics of these resins on their performance in applications such as ion exchange, analytical and preparative chromatography (LC, HPLC), solid phase extraction (SPE) catalysis, solid phase synthesis and combinatorial chemistry allows us to help you select the best product for use in water treatment, waste water applications, waste minimization, drug discovery, purification of biologically active substances, controlled or sustained release, supported reagents and scavengers, polymeric adsorbents, etc.

Polymer Phases, Inc. has laboratory facilities where gram to kilogram quantities of polymeric materials can be prepared to your specifications. We can also work with our clients to develop a material that fits their needs. Capabilities include addition polymerization (including but not limited to styrenic and acrylic resins) as well as condensation polymerization (including but not limited to polyesters and polyamides). These reactions can be performed in bulk, suspension or emulsion mode.

As a ChemInnolabâ„¢ Partner, Dr. Bigwood can also provide contract research, complete laboratory technical service/sales service projects or reduce your inventions to practice in areas other than polymers. ChemInnolabâ„¢ understands that cash flow is a frequent concern of start-up companies and individual inventors. As a result, we offer very flexible pricing strategies.
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Polymer Phases helps its clients design polymeric materials that will provide the desired performance characteristics, prepare prototypes of these materials, and supports scale-up to commercial scale.

Where applications are concerned, our expertise covers the use of polymeric materials in a broad range of applications, such as separations, catalysis, and pharmaceutical applications.

More particularly, our separation expertise is focused on the areas of ion-exchange, adsorption, (preparative) chromatography, water/waste water treatment and waste minimization. In the pharmaceutical area, we can provide support in the areas of solid phase/combinatorial chemistry, supported reagents and scavengers, heterogeneous acid and base catalysis and sustained/controlled release. In all cases, we help select a commercial product that fits your needs or, if none can be found, we can design one that will.


Expert Witness:
We provide expert witness support in a broad range of areas relating to the development, manufacture and use of polymeric materials.

Laboratory Support:
We can provide legal laboratory support. This includes reproducing experiments described in patent examples or reducing inventions to practice.

Technical writing:
We have experience with the drafting of records of inventions and patent applications

Additional Information


Dr. Bigwood wrote two chapters reviewing recent technology developments ("Hybrid inorganic/organic catalysts" and "Macroporous Organic Polymers") for a multi-client study on "Macroporous Catalytic Materials and Ultra-Large Pore Zeolites".

A combinatorial chemistry company was concerned about batch to batch variation in the solid phase synthesis resin they were purchasing. We helped them develop purchase specifications that would ensure consistent product performance.

We helped a specialty chemicals supplier optimize a laboratory suspension polymerization reaction and supported transfer of the process to the 50 L scale in their pilot plant.

We supported a company's entry in a new business by a) demonstrating in the laboratory that the performance of products prepared by a suspension polymerization processe described in a Ph.D. dissertation could be reproduced and b) developing an improved process that delivered equivalent product performance with a 25 fold increase in reactor productivity. The product properties (composition, particle size, pore structure) were subsequently fine-tuned to optimize performance in a variety of applications, including DNA and RNA purification.

PPI assessed the suitability of a client's plant equipment to perform a particular kind of polymerization reaction.
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