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Multiphase Mixing Webinar - Wed May 29

13 May 2019 10:08 AM | Aaron Sarafinas

Tune in for part 2 of my 3-part free webinar series on Mixing Technology:

Talking Mixing 2:  Multiphase Mixing – May 29, 2019, 9AM-10AM EDT
Solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, and gas-liquid systems create some mixing challenges.  The second webinar will show a common framework for thinking about these systems as well as some specific ways to estimate and scale process responses.

Talking Mixing 3:  Reactive Mixing – June 19, 2019, 9AM-10AM EDT
This third webinar will tie together the concepts from the first two sessions as we look at competing rate processes, how we can understand the role of mixing in our process, and how to scale our mixer to deliver our desired process response.

Miss the first talk?  See below for link to the recording.
Talking Mixing 1:  Basics of Mixing - April 24, 2019, 9AM-10AM EDT
Don’t be “baffled” by mixing.  Tune in for some mixing basics that will be the foundation for us to examine some challenging mixing applications.  In this webinar we will cover power, flow, “shear” (the most mis-used term in mixing), blending of miscible liquids, baffles, and an initial look at scale-up and scale-down. 

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